Author: Emily Aurore

If All Genomes Survived (?)

An interesting question regarding genetics. What if every single human (homo sapiens) who ever lived had at least one child, who in turn survived to have at least one child, and so on? In other words, what if all genomes that ever existed contributed to our current population? Since the beginning of human history, large … Continue reading If All Genomes Survived (?)

The Most Interesting Person in the Room

Last night, I watched The Last Waltz, a documentary about The Band’s last live concert (Thanksgiving Day 1976). An interesting movie in general. Would recommend it without hesitation. But one aspect seemed particularly fascinating- the contrast between guitarist Robbie Robertson and drummer Levon Helm. Martin Scorsese directed the documentary, and interviewed the band members himself. … Continue reading The Most Interesting Person in the Room

How Men View Women

How men view women. A topic hardly narrow enough to be discussed in a short little journal entry. And yet, I was reading The Gnostic Gospels, by Elaine Pagels, and came across a passage that seemed to encapsulate the subject perfectly, as follows. From the gnostic poem Thunder, Perfect Mind, as spoken by a "feminine … Continue reading How Men View Women

Ashley Judd: Intellectually Dishonest Hypocrite

I'll start by saying that I've always liked Ashley Judd. I watched her, way back when, in Star Trek: Next Generation and in Sisters, and through all of the years since. I've followed her charitable activities, and even read her autobiography. And, most recently, just two days ago, I watched her TED talk regarding eradicating … Continue reading Ashley Judd: Intellectually Dishonest Hypocrite

Successful Despite Introversion

The other day I did an internet search for prominent introverts. Just curious. No particular reason. The results surprised me. Not the introverts themselves, but the slant of so many of the articles. They each expressed a version of the following: people who are prominent/successful/wealthy, etc., despite the fact that they’re introverts. Despite. Love that. … Continue reading Successful Despite Introversion

Free to Discriminate?

What prompted me to start this journal? Perhaps a thousand little things over the years, all slowly aggregating, but the catalyst came recently while I attended a wedding. At the reception my husband and I were talking with another couple whom we'd only just met. They seemed pleasant enough. We were chatting. Then the woman … Continue reading Free to Discriminate?