If All Genomes Survived (?)

An interesting question regarding genetics. What if every single human (homo sapiens) who ever lived had at least one child, who in turn survived to have at least one child, and so on? In other words, what if all genomes that ever existed contributed to our current population?

Since the beginning of human history, large numbers of people/children have died before reproducing. So, in essence, many genomes ended. Never contributed to the overall gene pool. Some might call this survival of the fittest, or non-survival of the less fit. (That seems far too simplistic a statement.) But whatever the reasons, the fact of non-reproduction remains.

Back to the question. What if all people who ever lived had at least one child, who then reproduced? There is no answer, either through scientific evaluation or imagination. And yet it is a fascinating question nonetheless. What would the population look like? Be like? How might society and societies be different, if at all? What traits might have existed that died out long ago, or are now so rare as to be outliers? Were there traits that would be highly useful now in current times, but weren’t useful throughout history, and so weren’t selected and disappeared? So many questions leading from that one question. These are just a very few. Makes a person wonder…


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