Ashley Judd: Intellectually Dishonest Hypocrite

I’ll start by saying that I’ve always liked Ashley Judd. I watched her, way back when, in Star Trek: Next Generation and in Sisters, and through all of the years since. I’ve followed her charitable activities, and even read her autobiography. And, most recently, just two days ago, I watched her TED talk regarding eradicating online abuse of women, including sexual hate speech. It was a good talk. I admired her for taking on the difficult issue. And she ended the talk by sending out positive affirmations. Great. Good. No problem. And then today. Today. Today I lost every last shred of respect I had for her, because she clearly demonstrated that she is very willing and eager to spew sexual hate speech towards another woman, and in a very public and publicized setting.

I’ll also make very clear that I can’t stand Donald Trump. Unequivocally. And I support the right of people to protest peacefully and legally. But what Ashley Judd said today, at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., was so disgusting and hypocritical, that I am struggling to find words to express my dismay. She said, “I’m not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, your wet dreams infused with your own genes.” That line references Ivanka Trump. A woman. That is exactly the kind of horrific sexual hate speech that Judd has been decrying. And yet she had no problem whatsoever inflicting it upon another woman. She clearly took great pleasure in doing so. Her hypocrisy is so stunning and blatant… again, I have no words.

You just contributed to the problem, Ashley. You added more sexual hate speech to public discourse. You attempted to traumatize another woman. And you delegitimized anything and everything you will ever say in the future about eradicating the abuse of women. Beyond revolting. What happened to your positive affirmations?

4 thoughts on “Ashley Judd: Intellectually Dishonest Hypocrite

    1. First, my article doesn’t suggest, in any way, that Ashley doesn’t have the right to free speech. My point is that Ashley is an unequivocal hypocrite, decrying some sexual hate speech, but then turning right around and creating her own. And the poem was about both Trump and Ivanka. It is absurd to try to parse it otherwise.


  1. So true!!! It’s okay for her to spew hate speech towards two people, but she’s so wounded and outraged when someone does it to her. Hypocrite! That kind of hate speech is never okay, towards anyone, man or woman.



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